Kusabana means ‘plant with flower’ in Japanese, and refers to a reverted art form of natural beauty and flower arrangements.

Inspired by these deeply meaningful Japanese traditions of natural beauty and its unique artful expressions, Kusabana blends 6 botanical essences with mineral-rich hot spring water*, to create a delightful variety of satisfying hair care experiences from Japan.

The result is sensationally beautiful and desirable hair care that gives you a deep, inner appreciation for your own natural beauty.

Specially formulated with Hot Spring Water from Ushio* in Japan.

Its multi-mineral combination of Magnesium, Calcium and Potassium is good for promoting scalp health with moisture.

The Japanese appreciate the aesthetic beauty of Japanese Camellia oil for a long time. Kusabana uses the Camellia oil from Toshima island, which helps to soften the hair, repair split ends by smoothening the hair cuticle and make it shinier.

We carefully pick 6 different botanical oils, extracts and essences to provide you the ultimate hair care experience.

We choose only the best fragrances from worldwide perfumers, leaving your hair with sensational and blooming scent.

Formulation free from potential harmful ingredients such as silicone, parabens, colourant, mineral oil, SLS^, SLES^, MIT^, CMIT^

We implement a 3 Steps to Quality system which drives quality, safety and regulatory compliance with all our products. These are the foundation steps that we make to maintain customer trust and loyalty when customers are using each of our product.

1. Supplier Management

We source our products from Suppliers who are either audited by 3rd parties and follow Group standards or certified with global audit scheme to ensure continuity in quality that you can trust

2. Product Management

We ensure that all our products are compliant with the regulatory requirements and Group stringent quality assurance program

3. Surveillance Management

We consistently practise product testing, factory audits and production inspections/visits to ensure that our quality is up to our expected level. This includes fixing and/or removing products that don’t meet our standards for quality or safety, validating product quality ongoing, and validating supplier quality ongoing

^For selected products only
*Refers to source of hot spring with minerals
(Not Applicable for hair oil)